"As we believe that life is a process, we also think that respect and quality needs to be earned, that it requires time and dedication.

Each of our pieces has it’s own story, written by talented, experienced end friendly craftwoman’s hands. It is gaining the confidence of our partners, slowly, carefully, that we are now able and proud to propose such qualitative products.

When it comes to animals, we are convinced that a happy Alpaga will offer the best wool and we make sure that we are as respectful with them as they are soft to us! (Witch is quite a challenge considering the softness of those beauties)

Soft is an euphemism, try to think of a silky, cashmery, woolish cloud and you’ll get what we mean. 

Materials chosen are as raw as possible, we think it’s absolutely necessary to keep a maximum of authenticity. We really believe that Less is more regarding Alpaga.

 From nature to your closet, Michele & Hoven is a long journey, an adventure ! Our collection is all about timeless beauty, any time you’ll wear your sweater will be as the first time you did…

When you treat yourself with one of our garment, you buy a lifetime companion, made just for you with all the love and "savoir faire" it involves. That’s why it is a 4 to 6 weeks process.

Michele and Hoven is a one of a kind brand,  we only work on demand, to be sure to offer the best services and quality for a very unique experience.

Witch piece did you fell in love with ? Let us know !

Any questions ? Let’s talk! (FB, IG, Mail)

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